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I saw a bulge in his crotch.I bought it just for you," the "Sally" on the TV says in her little-girl voice, as she plops herself down on top of the bed, with her legs dangling over the edge.The security buzzer broke the moment.In fact, I exited the opposite way.Emily, we hope that every time that you use this you will remember your time as our voluntary sex slave.”“Let’s see… I know you swallow.” He flashed her a wry smile, confirming her assumption that he’d been one of her glory hole patrons.I had learned that our new home wasn't only remote, it was in the ass-end of nowhere.Misty was picking up Mollie’s signals just fine.Well it has been a long time so maybe that explains why she came so hard and that many times.I thought about asking what we were supposed to do when the grass stopped growing in late June, but since Mistress Gloria arrived about then, I decided I would leave that question for later.Hi all, it’s Ali here!I shuddered, rubbing my stomach as I bucked thr

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Anyway, the girls saw us, but ignored us.My tongue was everywhere.I didn't miss then that three different cocks had given me their cum they had paid tribute to my mouth, tits, pussy, and bum.Come on.After a while of chatting we both stood up.I had my arm over Mandy, hugging her close to me. We were both trying to stifle giggles as we were sure no one would find us.We are all having dinner in Masters quarters tonight."So, I got my dad to do some maintenance on my old trusty 10-speed bike and threw on my hot pink hot-pants and matching sports bra, and set out on my adventure.We are invaders here, and I am no conqueror.”Again!“So fucking good."As it happens, Jeff, your mother didn't die.My cock begged for me to slip into the bedroom and touch her.Rhonda says.  She get on her hands and knees on the bed.So I didn’t just touch it, I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a couple of pumps.The next two weeks went by relatively calmly.This would be her first time with the boys, and she w

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