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The other boys in class called me bony and basically laughed at my total lack of any physique.When she realized her mistake they both walked up to her and backed her into the wall.She smiled demurely at him.I still couldn't ask her name, but there was no rush.Mistress Champagne directed me to lay more or less between my Queen’s legs on the bed."What?Higher my eyes walked, to a grey bare belly, gracefully defined, with a strong slender waist.Both Zoe and I got worried that she was going to fall and hurt herself so we moved in and lifted her off the table and sat her on one of the chairs that was backed to the building wall.She sighed and sat back on her haunches.My girl Is in danger, do not let her out of your sight.”Stephanie was very stern as she laid down the law with me. But once I made it clear that I accepted it, her face softened, she smiled, and kissed me. We took the clothes back to her place and then she took me to a salon where they cut my hair to look even more feminine

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