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I was so glad we made our first incestuous bet.I managed to convince myself that it was done as a necessity, rather than for pleasure.‘Ole Gopper has done a fine job smoothing things over with the locals as my band of monsters marches through.I prefer talking with a beautiful woman, as you are, than work stuff.” he said.Why don’t’ we.”“Yes,” I groaned, my chest tightening.I held her up and eased us to the steps.When he was done, he stuck his cock in her mouth for her to suck the last few drops of piss from it, then backed away, turned on the shower, and told her to wash herself off.The little slut can’t help but to begin to enjoy her first fuck no matter how hard and brutal it is. I push her legs up and back placing her knees to her chest allowing nothing to keep me from burying my balls against her ass on each downward thrust.It was a different era."...of the total number of baryons predicted by Big Bang nucleosynthesis, as inferred from density more fluctuations..." there