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Take off your clothes.She could not process the fact that this same cock had raped her violently a couple of hours ago.Ohhh i am so sorry, I stuttered, blushing and moving to remove my hand, only to realize her hand now rested on top of mine, Sara,, can i be so bold as to ask, do you like me?...His thigh blocked my view, but I imagined his massive package had to be in her ass cleavage.Gwen closes the door and sits next to me. “Alright Charles you know the drill.It must have almost seemed like slow motion as the arrow went through the air and through her belly halfway between the navel and the sternum and as I reached her and she fell to her knees, I pushed the arrowhead out her back by the shaft as her eyes rolled up and she fell on her back breathing very slowly.I had never had sex with anyone but Katie since our marriage.She didn’t want to find out whether she’d be capable of resisting if he did, which is why her voice was tinged with trepidation when she asked him ‘So - abo

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