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August 15th, 2036My heart wrenched at the thought of the man begging for his life.“Yeah, I guess I’ll pass this time,” Leo says.“I can stop at any time?”She would sit on the edge of the bed and put her hair in a pony tail, then begin to fondle me. I always feigned being asleep at first, somehow I figured it made her feel more comfortable."I could use a drink, how about you?"They had their first child in their first year of marriage, exactly ten months after the ceremony.“After all, obviously she’s open to new things when she’s drunk."What?“Ooohhh!...Once he is all the way in, any pain will go away and he will pound you hard.As I did so I worked my finger onto her pussy lips and rubbed gently making her moan very loudly.I find her quiet confidence appealing.“So, it wouldn't bother you?” she asked.The other effect it has is that it pulls the skin of my penis back towards the base, which makes the sensations of rubbing inside your soaking pussy all the more wonderful