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Rehearsing the words in her head, Michelle carried on downstairs, leaving the lights off as she enjoyed moving around the house in the dark, as naked as she was now.“She didn’t do anything to me. The angel did!We will move, but not before you’ve wandered all around the prudes.”I left them to it but Kieran was there and he loved every minute of it.Then he took his mom's arm and strolled off.She had a dreamy look on her face.“Hannah!” I said, blushing at her innuendo.“I think it’s only right.Thank you thank you thank you!!”No judgment.”“Join us!” they howled, their voices utterly inhuman.She giggled, and he rolled his eyes.School started back up today, but I couldn’t pull myself back together enough to attend.“She won’t have to.She properly angled her throat so that she wouldn’t hurt either one of them, and pulled the drained cock out of her neck a couple inches at a time; a moan escaping Vera’s lips, somewhere out of sight above her.She also remembered