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I was about to ask for the vest but stopped myself just in case my voice gave me away.Getting in the door, they throw her backpack on the floor and Gary is all over her.You're...perfect.The next morning Tom and Jenny came down to the kitchen with Jenny wearing just a short tank top and a thong; a see through thong that revealed that she was fully shaved.She had never dated, never been kissed by a boy, and had never been allowed to be in the company of the opposite sex unchaperoned.His hands gripped her waist so tight it hurt.Ty reached into his pocket hitting the auto start on his car keys, and grabbing his bag from the overhead.The door was locked, but that was fine.Once there it extended its long tendrils around Sebastian’s brain, taking full control of his actions, now the boy could no longer control his body, the parasite only allowed him to have external pleasurable sensationsI wasn’t sure that it was the right choice; a choice between noisy drunks and screaming kids.She strok

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