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I followed but not real fast, I was still kind of freaked.“I’m gonna go check up on the pizza.I open the door and walk-in to see her laying on the coach with a bath robe on and a glass of wine in her hand, I freeze up and can’t believe her robe is semi-open, my aunt is the exact same body frame as my mom as they work out together only difference being my aunt has blue eyes and dyed red hair that I have always found so attractive she lays there on her side you can easily see every sexy curve on her bodyHe chuckled to himself “I know what they had been up to"."I hope her husband got him some on their wedding night because it will have to last him a lifetime."Yes . . .Cum!She immediately dug in, she had apparently not eaten in a day or so.Henry would go fishing with a crude spear he fashioned, and usually managed to catch at least one fish.I bent my knees, drank the cola and waited.At least one if there is one that is suitable among the new cargo."Feel free to join my email newsle

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