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Her hands pulling at the headboard making the whole bed shift slightly.“And?It didn’t take long and I was already on the way to my next orgasm.I had an inkling about what he was referring to.But Jan couldn't bring herself to leave early, and miss the climax of "the movie"--which in this case was the act of sexual intercourse that was taking place, just a few feet away from her.I was in great shape, but I knew I couldn't match that.David was now milking“I'm cumming so hard!The Young bear removed his dick from Goldie’s mouth then moved down around the side of Goldie.She glanced up and smiled at him and he felt sure her eyes were admiring his slightly tumescent penis as she waved with her free hand.I couldn't stop even if I wanted to.The cold congealing blood that had pooled on the sheets gave him a sudden short lived chill as his cock stuttered in its straightening.They still had to do a little gathering up of supplies but they were basically done and this job was supposed to tak